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This photograph of the Haylock Family coat of arms was taken from a color rendering of the coat of arms that John Haylock of England has amongst his family memoirs. The motto on the coat of arms reads, in Latin, "Virtus In Arduis". A black and white rendering of this same coat of arms came to me from Haylock descendants in Australia which indicates that the family was using this coat of arms before the two brothers, Edward Haylock and Dr. Thomas Buswick Haylock emigrated to Australia in the 1850's.

I have done some research into the Haylock family coat of arms and have come up no information in regards to its origin, etc. There was a time when such coat of arms were created and sold to raise revenues for the government. It is not known if this coat of arms was created as a part of this scheme or if it is from an earlier time when a coats of arms was accorded to a "gentleman". At this point in the research if we are to find accurate information about the coat of arms a professional will most likely have to be retained to do the research.






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Since 1988 I have been researching Haylock records. On holidays in England I have spent much time at the Cambrigeshire records office and in London researching Haylock ancestors. Many records are already on this site, starting with the descendants of Edward and Dorothy Haylock and their children who were the last family to live in West Wratting, Cambs. England.

Haylocks In West Wratting

"Manors.--A manor in this parish, which was given to the monks of Ely by Elfhelm, a Saxon knight, about the year 990, now belongs to the dean and chapter. At the time of the doomsday survey, a manor here, now called the Hall manor, was in the possession of Hardwinus de Scalariis, and it passed afterwards to the Frevilles, who possessed it for several generations. At a later period it was successively in the families of Dalton, Jacob, Smyth, and Shaftoe. About the year 1790 it was purchased by Richard Taylor, Esq., who sold it to General Hall, and it is now in the possession of Edward Frost, Esq., who holds it under the dean and chapter of Ely subject to a fine every seven years. Another manor here belonged to the family of Brigham, who in the reign of Edward III, conveyed it to Thomas de Lisle, bishop of Ely. The bishop gave it to the master and fellows of Peterhouse college. The manor of Charls was formerly held by the Shaftoes, and was purchased by the duke of Bedford, who erected a range of stables for his horses, and occasionally resided here during the Newmarket race meetings. He afterwards sold it to Sir Hedworth Williamson, and it is now the property of Jesus college. The family of Haylock, now extinct, was formerly an ancient and wealthy family in this parish : the greater part of their property, was purchased some years since by Edward Frost, Esq., of West Wratting-hall. The manor of Parys, so called from the family of that name which possessed it in the reign of Henry VI, was for many years in possession of the Daltons, who sold it about the beginning of the last century to the Corporation of the sons of the clergy. The Daltons resided here many years, and possessed the principal landed property in the parish. Michael Dalton, the purchaser of the greater part of it, and author of the Complete Justice and other works, settled here in the reign of queen Elizabeth, and died in 1644, and was buried in the parish church. The manor of Scarletts, which belonged to the family of Perne, is now the property of Sir Charles W. Watson, bart.; and the manor of Oxcroft, in this parish, and that of Balsham, now belong to Wm. Purkis, Esq." [History, Gazeteer & Directory of Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Robert Gardner, 1851, pp.242, 243] -

West Wratting Parish Records, Etc, Cambridgeshire, England

Pam Cooper's West Wratting Home Page - http://home.st.net.au/~pcooper/westwrat.htm

GEN UKI - Parish Records for West Wratting ... This particular link in the GEN UKI pages gives specific reference to the Haylocks of West Wratting in a history of the village. The Genuki Web pages are filled with genealogy and history information and provides many resourses for tracing your UK and Ireland ancestors. Their home page is: http://www.genuki.org.uk/


Haylock Families Of West Wratting, Cambridgeshire, England

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